Annona squamosa L. Main specimen
{ Human uses | Medicinal }

Annona squamosa is used in Ayurveda, Unani and Siddha medicines.

The plant is used for hypertension, jaundice and diabetes, and for women's pains associated with menstruation.

The powdered seeds are irritant. They are applied as a pesticide and anti head lice.
The seeds are used for abortion.

The unripe fruits and leaves are used against insects, fungi and bacteria.

The roots are purgative and they are used in dysentery. They are also used in mental depression and spinal disorders.

The bruised leaves mixed with salt are applied as a cataplasm to induce suppuration.
The warmed or boiled leaves are applied on boils and rubbed on the body for body pain.

The fruits and leaves are antioxidant.

The fruit is sedative to heart, antibilious, antiemetic and expectorant.
The dried and powdered unripe fruit is used for treating ulcers.
The fruit epicarp ash mixed with mustard oil made into a paste is applied on hair to check excessive hair loss.

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