Millettia peguensis Ali Main specimen
{ Ecology & Distribution }

  • Ecology :
    Millettia peguensis is "a tree of dry or only slightly humid forests, in secondary jungle or open savannah, often near stream". (Krishen, 2006, Trees of Delhi)
  • Distribution :
    "Millettia peguensis is thought to be native to Myanmar and Thailand (Ali 1968, Kumar and Sane 2003). However, The Checklist of the Trees, Shrubs, Herbs and Climbers of Myanmar only lists this as a cultivated species (Kress et al. 2003). The few dated specimen records, for this species in Myanmar, are from the late nineteenth century, with one collected in 1927. The herbarium sheet with the specimen from Thailand is stamped Herbarium Hookerianum 1867.
    It is widely introduced in India and Pakistan and it is also found in Bangladesh, where its origin is uncertain (Kumar and Sane 2003).
    Its origin in Cambodia is also uncertain. Specimens are recorded in The Global Biodiversity Information Facility, from Papua New Guinea; this is also inferred to be an introduction".

    Source : Chadburn, H. 2012. Millettia peguensis. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2012: e.T19891669A20107959