Mitragyna parvifolia (Roxb.) Korth. Main specimen
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The flowers of Mitragyna parvifolia are grouped in dense, axillary or terminal and globose heads (0.8-1.5 cm across).
The calyx is truncate. The calyx-lobes are minute and ciliate.
The corolla is cream-coloured. The corolla-tube is 5 mm long. The corolla is 5-lobed. The lobes are 2.5 mm long and recurved.
The androecium is composed of 5 stamens attached near the corolla throat. The filament are 3 mm long and the anthers are oblong.
The style is filiform and 5 mm long.
The ovary is obconic, 1.5 mm long and 2-celled.
The flowers are fragrant.

Mitragyna parvifolia flower buds
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GPS coordinates
11.99587 N - 79.82204 E
Pitchandikulam Forest, Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India