Welcome to Pitchandikulam Forest
Virtual Herbarium

Digital samples of plants found in this virtual herbarium include :

  • Rare and local woody species of the threatened remnant forests of the Coromandel’s plains classified as East Deccan dry evergreen forests by the WWF
  • Common and widespread species of the Indian subcontinent which are the major components of today’s anthropogenically modified landscapes
  • Scans of fresh specimens ...
    The flora of the Coromandel Coast
    Pitchandikulam Forest of Auroville
    For each plant, a menu displays informations about :
  • Botany : nomenclature, description, phenology, reproduction & dispersal
  • Plant ecology, distribution, relevance for ecosystems
  • Ethnobotany : human uses (medicinal, culinary, crafts etc.), beliefs and rituals
  • Afforestation
  • Conservation status
  • Our visual glossary
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